ALRJ Series Vacuum Mixing Emulsifier

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The equipment is suitable for emulsification of the pharmaceutical. Cosmetic, fine chemical products, especially the material having high matrix viscosity and solid content. Such as cosmetic, cream, ointment, detergent,  lotion, shampoo, toothpaste,gel,nanomaterials,nano paint and so on.

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Work Principle

●Including main emulsifying pot, water pot ,oil pot and work frame.
●Usually the oil pot is used for dissolving some solid that the product can just only be dissolved into oil, then the dissolved solvent will be sucked into the emulsify pot by soft pipes.
●The function of water pot is the same to the oil pot.
●Emulsify pot is used for emulsifying the products that suck from the oil pot and water pot.

flow chart of vacuum mixing emulsify

Product Details

The vacuum emulsifier shears, disperses and impacts the materials through the high-speed rotation of the homogenizing head connected with the engine. In this way, the material will become more delicate and promote the integration of oil and water. The principle is to use a high-shear emulsifier to quickly and evenly distribute one phase or multiple phases to another continuous phase in a vacuum state. It uses the strong kinetic energy brought by the machine to make the material narrow in the stator and rotor. In the gap, it is subjected to hundreds of thousands of hydraulic shears per minute. The combined effects of centrifugal squeezing, impact, tearing, etc. instantly disperse and emulsify uniformly. After high-frequency cyclic reciprocation, high-quality products without bubbles, delicate and stable, are finally obtained.

The vacuum emulsifier includes a pot body, a pot cover, a foot, a stirring paddle, a stirring motor, a stirring support, a feeding device, a discharge pipe, and a vacuum device. The product feeding device is located at the bottom of the pot, and the product vacuum device is connected with The aforementioned feeding device cooperates to form an automatic suction operation. Compared with the prior art, the vacuum emulsifier can directly add the light suspended materials into the pot and mix them evenly, and can realize automatic control of the feeding.

vacuum mixing emulsify
vacuum mixing emulsify
vacuum mixing emulsify

Product Advantages Of Vacuum Emulsifier

1. The emulsifying head can be customized according to the size of the material particles to meet different needs, and the minimum can reach nanometers and microns.

2. After the emulsification pot lid is raised, the safety device is activated: the power system of the stirring device will not be started. To avoid causing personal injury.

3. The vacuum emulsifier uses a three-stage stirring system. The entire emulsification process is in a vacuum environment, which can not only eliminate the foam generated during the emulsification process, but also avoid unnecessary pollution.

4. PLC control, easy to operate, freely adjust temperature, time, etc., and automatically record historical temperature

5. The vacuum emulsifier is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, making cleaning simple and effective.

6. The modular design of the mixing shaft can be freely assembled and easy to maintain and clean.

Technical Parameters

Model Effective Capacity Emulsify Agitator Dimensions Total Power(kw)
KW r/min KW r/min Length Width Weight Max H
ALRJ-20 20 2.2 0-3500 0.37 0-40 1800 1600 1850 2700 5
ALRJ-50 50 3 0-3500 0.75 0-40 2700 2000 2015 2700 7
ALRJ-100 100 3 0-3500 1.5 0-40 2120 2120 2200 3000 10
ALRJ-150 150 4 0-3500 1.5 0-40 3110 2120 2200 3100 11
ALRJ-200 200 5.5 0-3500 1.5 0-40 3150 2200 2200 3100 12
ALRJ-350 350 7.5 0-3500 2.2 0-40 3650 2650 2550 3600 17
ALRJ-500 500 7.5 0-3500 2.2 0-40 3970 2800 2700 3950 19
ALRJ-750 750 11 0-3500 4 0-40 3780 3200 3050 4380 24
ALRJ-1000 1000 15 0-3500 4 0-40 3900 3400 3150 4550 29
ALRJ-1500 1500 18.5 0-3500 7.5 0-40 4000 4100 3750 5650 42
ALRJ-2000 2000 22 0-3500 7.5 0-40 4850 4300 3600 No lift 46

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