Automatic Round Bottle Washing Machine

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This series of machines is the new design, using stainless steel high-precision parts, can clean all kinds of glass or plastic bottles, such as chili sauce glass bottles, beer bottles, beverage bottles, health care products bottles, etc. Can be used alone, or in a production line , with filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc. Water washed and air washed optional, and 12-48 heads can be customized.

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Technical Parameters

Power 0.75kw
Speed 1000-6000BPH
Adapt bottle height 100-380mm
Head 12
Dimension 1650X1050X2100mm(L*W*H)

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Main Feature

1. Clean up thoroughly: The machine adopts a rotary type, and the bottle is taken out while entering the bottle. After the bottle enters the automatic dial, the robot arms grip the bottle mouth, and the robot flips and rotates.

2. High speed washing: After 8-10 seconds, the bottle is washed and the water is stopped. After 4-7 seconds, the robot straightens the bottle, enters the bottle dial, the bottle reaches the conveyor line, and the bottle washing ends.

3. Stop after stuck the bottle,Easy operate: Equipment frequency speed control, replace the bottle, adjust the height, can be completed electrically, no bottle does not flush, water saving economy

4. This machine is mainly used for glass bottles and plastic bottles.

5. Bottle clamping device: It is equipped with a control water spray device, no bottle no water flush and saves water economy. The unit is equipped with an adjustable bottle screw to ensure that the bottle enters the dial smoothly.

6. Water control system: Reliable water separator, can adjust the time ratio of flushing and water control arbitrarily, can be changed into 2 or 3 times flushes according to customer needs. So that the bottle can be washed with disinfectant or flling medium.

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