DXDM-F Series Multi-lanes Four Side Seal Powder&Liquid Packaging Machine

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This is a multi-lanes four side sealing sachet packing machine, Suita ble for packing powder&liquid material in the pharmacy(medicine), food, daily chemical and other industries, automatic packing into sachet with Measurement requirement, Such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder, all kinds of drugs, chemical powder,soy sauce,ketchup,medicine (liquid), chemical agent (liquid) and much more.

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Liquid sachet Packaging Machine
Liquid sachet Packaging Machine
Multi-lanes sachet packing machine

Product Description

This is a multi-lanes four side sealing sachet packing machine, applicable for packing liquid material in the pharmacy(medicine), food, daily chemical and other industries,automatic packing into sachet with Measurement requirement, such as ice lolly, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, medicine (liquid), chemical agent (liquid) and much more.

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Multi-lanes sachet packing machine


1. Advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation and long service life, And the addition of a film body, for films and maintenance more convenient.

2. Synchronized using five-axis servo-driven, man-machine interface touch adjustment, controlled by PLC, it is precise in automatic in step positioning. Increase packaging speed premise to ensure the quality of packaging.

3. Using high precision rolling heat sealing roller as a whole as a seal mould sealing edges, exquisite bag-shaped flat sealing strong beautiful, good quality, high efficiency.

4. Easy and fast to adjust, it can step-less adjust pouch length without changing the mould.  Transverse and longitudinal seal, filling material,batch number,dash, cutting and other executive bodies can be adjusted through human-machine interface.

5. Packaging speed, filling precise metering. Reciprocating  type feeding mechanism, which shirk responsibility structure,shake off assembling simple,easy cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with triangle measuring cup measurement, can be adjusted infinitely fine, high precision.

6. Photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure correct printing and with automatic counting function.

7. The machine with film automatic correction and damping mechanism, to ensure the straightness and tension stability of film, and make the pouch more smooth and beautiful.

The model line additional membrane automatic deviation correction and line-film damping mechanism to ensure straightness of line film stability with the tension, thereby greatly improving the level of smoothness and beauty bag-shape.

8. Adaptability of the package film, the sealing temperature of machine is with automatic control, and has high control accuracy (± 1C °). Suitable for most complex film packing film in home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE、PET/PE、NY/AL/PE、NY/PE and so on.

9. Extra functions set up, for example, sachet cutting can choose dotted line knife or flat cutting knife, abnormal shape knife etc, and can choose different kinds of alarm requirement.

The Main Technical Parameters

Technical parameters
Model DXDM-FY500 DXDM-FY900
Machine Material Parts in contact with material is SS316L, Main Machine is made of stainless steel 304
Lines number 4-10 Lanes (Depend on the sachet wldth)
Bag Length 50-300 mm (Adjustable)
Bag Width 32- 105 mm
Speed 30 60 Strokes/min per line depend on the sachet size and packing volume
Flling Capacity 1-100 ml
Max Film Width 500 mm 900 mm
Max Film Diameter φ420 mm φ300 mm
Film Core Diameter φ75mm
Electric Source 380V 50HZ 3P
Power 10 Kw 12Kw
Weight 1200 Kg 1500 Kg
Dimension(L x Wx H) 1650x1280x1950 mm 1650x1500x2200 mm

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