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The line is designed for the production of all starch-based products such as gummies (pectin, gum arabic, gelatin, agar or carrageenan), as well as myelin cores, fondant, butterfat, aerated marshmallows and similar thing. Pouring system that can do various products, whole plate pouring technology, one-time molding technology, single color, sandwich, etc.

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Technical Parameter

Production capacity 8000-20000 kg/8 hours (depending on the shape of the candy produced)
Power consumption Power specification 380v 50hz
Pouring Line 40kw Powder Processing 85kw Other Auxiliary Equipment 11kw Cooking System 51kw
Steam volume (Steam pressure is greater than 0.8MPa) Water consumption It depends on the production situation
Compressed air 7-8m3/min (compressed air pressure 0.6MPa)
2- 4'C cold water 0.35m3/min
The ambient temperature of equipment T is 22- 25C, and the humidity is below 55%

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Starch Mogul LINE5

Main Performance Characteristics

This production line is a special advanced equipment for the production of starch mold soft candy. The machine has a high degree of automation, easy operation, reliable operation and stable speed. The whole line includes sugar boiling system, pouring system, finished product conveying system, powder processing and powder recovery system. According to customer requirements, the candy shape is professionally arranged and designed, so that users can get the best production effect and maximum output. This machine can produce starch gummies, gelatin and center-filled gummies, pectin gummies, marshmallows and marshmallows. This equipment is an advanced candy production equipment integrating all kinds of soft candies, and has won the trust of customers with good quality and high output.

Product Application

Starch Mogul LINE (1)
Starch Mogul LINE (2)
Starch Mogul LINE (3)

Component Configuration

The machine consists of two systems: a thermal dryer system and a cooling system. The heating drying system can control the humidity of starch below 7%, and the cooling system can effectively reduce the starch temperature below 32℃. Complete processing and recovery of starch can be achieved by heating drying system and cooling system.

The entire sugar boiling cycle of continuous vacuum boiling takes only 4 minutes, thus ending the sugar boiling process as quickly as possible.

A. Front of conveyor: conveying and preliminary cleaning of starch
B. Back of conveyor belt: conveying and cleaning starch twice
C. Candy wetting conveying: make finished jelly candies convenient for icing by steam wetting
D. Sugar Coating Machine: Sugar that coats finished jelly candies
E. Oiler: Oil the finished jelly candy

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