The Leading Solution For The Fully Automatic Filling And Capping Line (5L-25L)

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It is used for the filling production of PET bottles, iron cans and barrel containers for cooking oil,camellia oil, lubricating oil and fluids.

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Technical Parameters

Technical Parameter
Head Capacity (bottle/h) Compatible Capacity (L) Total Power (KW) Total Size (L*W*H) mm Voltage (V)
4 600-800 5-25 About3-4 8000x1500x2100 380V
6 800-1000 10000x1500x2100
8 1100-1300 About4-5 12000x1500x2100
10 1300-1500 14000x1500x2100
12 1500-1800 About5-7 16000x1500x2100

Note: The above quantitative error:±0.3-0.5% ml. The above output refers to 5L. The nature of the filling medium is close to that of water, and there is a±10% fluctuation in the speed of different materials.

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Leading Solution (1)
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Performance and Features

1.2‰ high- precision Roots flowmeter with high-precision pulse encoder for quantification. Filling accuracy and reliability;

1. The filling head is equipped with an independent vacuum sucking device, and the filling nozzle is uniformly recovered;without dripping, double-speed filling, more stable and no foaming, and more accurate filling.

2. Fast and slow two-speed filling, no bubbling during filling and no spillage of materials;

3. The equipment is compatible with a variety of bottle types and can be used for multiple purposes. Cost- effective equipment.

5. The equipment is simple to operate, complete safety protection measures, and fully protect the safety of users.

6. Food grade stainless steel conveying pipe is safe and sanitary without plasticizer ingredients.

7. It adopts self-configured 2.5kw, 30t/h high-power pipeline pump, automatic suction, and the feeding end is equipped with a bag filter. The whole machine can be used for 10000 hours without consumables.

8. The electrical accessories are all first-line brands such as Germany's Siemens and France's Schneider to ensure stable operation and durability of the equipment.

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Leading Solution

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